Founded in March of 2005 by Alex Nicholson ably assisted by Elsa Betton and a few other committed Epworthians, the Association has been involved in projects aimed primarily at helping the youth and seniors of the village. There are 3 chapters of the organization which strive to bring Epworthians in the Northeast, Southern Florida and in the Atlanta area together.

We host an annual Fundraiser which provides funding for programs and projects. In October of 2008, we launched the Epworth Citizens Foundation. The Foundation’s primary role is to provide financing for all programs and projects in the Village of Epworth.


Mission Statement

  • To advocate for social and economic changes for the  community of Epworth, St. Ann, Jamaica,West Indies.
  • To assist in providing educational and recreational  activities for the youth, meals and health care for the elderly, and income-generating projects/employment for able-bodied citizens; thus, improving the quality of life for the community.