On June 22, 2019, about 100 Epworthians and friends gathered at the M’Brace Event Center in Conyers, Georgia to honor our remaining Elders from the Village of Epworth. The star-studded evening saw Ms Euly, Ms Maud, Ms Bernice (Puncy) & Mass Laxley in their royal best; smililng approvingly to the love and attention showered on them. The silk-smooth soprano voice of Tanya-Marie Greaves (grandchild of the late Clifford & Violet Betton) brought the house down, while the crowd was stirred by Annette’s presentation of a medley o flively Jamaican Folk songs. MC – Hazel Embden pulled out all the stops in making the evening a “classy” one. Guest speaker Dr. Gary Hurlock spoke of the role of our culture in day to day village life and the raising of children in a closely- knit community as ours. He urged everyone present to ensure that the values and morals engrained in our culture are passed on to the next generation.

Honoree Ms Euly in a heart-felt response spoke of her deep appreciation & the fact that she will always
remember this day. Ms Maud spoke of her delight in “being able to smell the roses while yet alive”.
Similar sentiments were echoed by Mass Laxley & Gary on behalf of his mom. The President spoke of the vision to honor these fine community stalwarts and of the group’s undying love anddeep appreciation for the part they played in shaping ALL our lives. YES, the entire community raised children inEpworth. Any adult could chastise us and we dare not ‘look at them funny let alone bring your freshness to them”
Thank God, it worked then and we are all the better off for it. He thanked Elsa, Hazel & Joewho have worked hard over these 14 years to keep the group alive & well. He urged those who in his words “jumped ship” to return and make their contribution to the village which needs us NOW more than ever.